Just eating it! Himalayan Edible Salt | 100% Organic Salt

Want the simplest way to enjoy the health benefits of himalayan salt? Just swap himalayan salt for the refined stuff in your salt shaker!

Misinformed dietitians warn the public to decrease dietary sodium. Studies tell us that this is dangerous advice, since sodium restriction is associated with increased mortality (1) and insulin resistance (2, 3)

The health benefits of himalayan salt include: 

  • Supporting thyroid and adrenal function
  • Aiding in overall hormone balance for men and women
  • Supports a healthy and fiery metabolism
  • Contains 84 trace minerals vital for wellbeing
  • Is required to make adequate stomach acid  (Read more about the importance of salt)

Himalayan salt should be freely enjoyed. (If you have kidney disease, however, it is recommended that you work with a health practitioner when increasing salt, unrefined or not.) Salt your food to taste, and maybe a little more! 

Add a pinch of himalayan salt to all your beverages to improve hydration. My Adaptogenic Sports Drink Recipe uses himalayan salt and a special herb to improve hormone balance and hydration.


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5 thoughts on “Just eating it! Himalayan Edible Salt | 100% Organic Salt”

  1. You’ve noticed I said I’m going decrease in terms of eating junk,
    I’m not planning to just give up eating completely, no way.
    This is a superb way of getting the slow loser burning
    fat with a more effective rate all day long. It’s less simple as
    checking the label and looking for sugar.

  2. just wanted to sincerely thank you for this Excellent article. It was clear, easy to understand and informative and an interesting read for me on this subject. I am one of those who was under the impression that all salts are an absolute no because my body tends to retain water and fluctuate my weight often.

    I was promoted to read your article as I started researching this salt solely because I found Kale chips at our local Whole Foods and have been terrified as to how it would after my weight since the majority of them are made well but with Pink Himalayan Salt added.

    Thank you so much for this helpful info on Pink Himalayan and Real salts. I will use this information to help my family too.

  3. Hey, thanks for this interesting article on Himalayan salt, especially on the salt sole creation. I always thought that dissolving 1 tsp of hima salt in a cup and drinking it will suffice. Looks like creating salt sole will “drain” out the mineral ions from the hima salt, which is a really good technique!

    I just curious why Himalayan salt is pink in colour though…there’s an article which states that Himalayan salt is actually pink due to high iron (Fe 3+ ions) concentration. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be bad to drink too much concentrated salt solution? I’m not sure what these iron ions can do to the body.

    Apart from that, I really like the Himalayan salt lamps in your post. They look really appealing and I’ll probably consider getting them for my home.

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