Our Story

Started in 1988 and Now, Established

As a leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier of Himalayan Salt

Three decades ago, Mr. Muhammad initiated Pakmines International with a simple thought of producing high quality Himalayan Salt for human consumption and distribute them all over the Pakistan – for both customers and businesses, not only to grow business possibilities but to enhance the living of human beings through unmatched benefits of Himalayan Salt.

To make it happen, Pakmines International started mining, manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and distribution of a variety of Salt products from mineral-rich Edible Pink Salts to elegant Salt Lamps and from cooking slabs to therapeutic bath salt chunks.

Company had started their journey in 1988, with a few dedicated members & a single workshop in Karachi and in these 3 decades time, we have built up a reputation of having the widest collection of Himalayan Salt products along with 3 factories and 6 mines in Pakistan. Now, we are exporting 95% of the products to 70+ countries all over the world.

In the global market, we are known as an International Quality Standard certified manufacturer that frequently consults with the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) team to maintain premium quality in product manufacturing and packing.

The company has been counted as one of the leading wholesalers and bulk suppliers of Himalayan Salt in Pakistan, who is using eminent techniques and having a great supplier chain facility across the globe. In last few years, we have manufactured and supplied a huge range of rock salt floor tiles including the Soluble Salt Series, Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps, Animals Lick Blocks, Tiny USB Salt Lamps, Natural & Designed Candle holder, Therapeutic Salt Stone, Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Tiles & Palates, Salt bricks for making Salt Caves& Salt Spa Rooms for the wellness of heath, Salt Granulates, Fine Table Salt, Salt Pipe Inhaler, Physiotherapy Balls, and Rock Salt Chunks.

If you have any requirement, then keep your connection on, we are looking forward to forming business relationships with retail and distribution companies or customers throughout the global market.


Our vision is to share the benedictions found in the nature’s wealth among our friends and opponents to foster a wider perceptibility among fellow entrepreneurs.


To produce a trustful awareness among individuals about the astonishing benefits of natural Himalayan salt, let them experience and sense the environment transformation with these enchanted pieces of natural salt in order to improve their overall wellbeing.